The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Subsequent editions of postgraduate course for agricultural consultants

On 18th April 2015 at the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology in Warsaw University of Live Sciences – SGGW there was the second edition of Postgraduate Studies for Agricultural Consultants ‘Trading in fertilizers and crop protection chemicals in sustainable agriculture’ closing ceremony held. This edition was completed by 33 students.

A month earlier SGGW initiated the next, third edition of these studies which were organized in cooperation with Grupa Azoty Puławy within the framework of Puławy Competence Center. There were 41 students qualified for that edition.

Postgraduate studies for agricultural consultants were launched three years ago. Origin of the studies is dated back to the beginning of cooperation between the University and Grupa Azoty Puławy, where the concept of creating platform where business and science would cooperate came into being.  The aim of the studies is to educate professionals who in the nearest future will advise farmers how to use fertilizers and crop protection chemicals as well as in the area of widely understood agricultural production.

We were always interested in very competent agricultural advisory services. We decided to contribute to develop this area. How to make it better than cooperating with the best agricultural university in the country? Therefore the idea of a joint educational program was aroused. The program is being permanently coordinated, analyzed and improved both by the University and Puławy – said Zenon Pokojski Ph. D., the Vice President of the Grupa Azoty Puławy Management Board and Puławy Competence Center Coordinator.

These studies are also a challenge for us as the organizer. Our ambition is to provide students with the highest level of knowledge. Therefore we regularly conduct surveys and strive to improve our educational program – adds Prof. Jan Łabętowicz Ph. D., Head of Postgraduate Studies Department (SGGW).

This year’s edition is distinguished by increased number of practical classes. Prof. Andrzej Radecki Ph. D. from Faculty of Agriculture and Biology SGGW stresses – When we trace the history of teaching agriculture there has always been much attention paid to an outdoor activities. Also surveys conducted  point that this form of classes is being appreciated by many students.Feedback from our students is extremely important for us. We always accurately familiarize with them, assess and analyze what can be improved – adds Prof. Łabętowicz Ph. D.

Postgraduate studies, organized in cooperation with Puławy Competence Center give the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills related to:

  • Agricultural production with the latest fertilizing and crop protection trends,
  • Practical skills to identify fertilizer needs,
  • Modern methods of communicating with producers,
  • Advisory services concerning fertilizers or crop protection chemicals,
  • Using IT tools while selecting fertilizers and pesticides,
  • Providing fertilizers plans,
  • Calculating the profitability of using fertilizers.

After the graduation students will obtain Warsaw University of Live Sciences – SGGW Postgraduate Studies diploma and advisory certificates of crop protecting chemicals and using them with ground equipment.

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