The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Meeting on Demonstrative Rapeseed Fields

On 11 – 12th June there was the thirteenth meeting on Demonstrative Rapeseed Fields in Plebania Wola and Wiszniów celebrated. The meeting participated by representatives of Puławy Competence Center was organized both by the National Association of Rapeseed and Protein Crops producers and the TeamAgro Kuczyńska company.

Each year the event is getting more popular. This year’s meeting started with a tour and demonstration of experimental fields sowed with variety of rapeseeds, wheat and soybeans. Then there was a substantial part of the event – conference “Agrotechnical and market problems related to production of rapeseed”.

The guests were officially welcomed by Mr. Szymon Kuczyński the Vice president of the National Association of Rapeseed and Protein Crops Producers. Then there were presentations of Witold Szczepanik Ph. D. concerning “Water management in the farm, on the field and in the agriculture” and “Fertilizing versus drought”. The participants had also possibility to listen about fertilizing techniques, the issue presented by representatives of TeamAgro Kuczyńska company. Another part of the event were discussion and trade meetings.

Demonstrative Rapeseed Fields are the biggest of that kind event in the region and the biggest meeting of farmers specialized in cultivation of a specific plant species the country.