The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Representatives of Puławy Competence Center at “Polish Chemical Industry” Summit 2015

Over 400 guests, representatives of chemical industry, politicians and journalists among them. Several dozen panelists, two debate days, thematic sessions and meetings where part of the most important chemical industry event in Poland – the second “Polish Chemical Industry” Peak held in Puławy Science and Technology Park on 11th and 12th June. The Summit was organized by Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and was launched by Paweł Jarczewski – President of the Azoty Group Management Board.

Nowadays Polish chemical industry has became a part of an international industry. We invest courageously in innovation and specialization and we develop ourselves. This shows Poland as a place for a global and modern chemical industry with distinctive product portfolio.  I do hope that we will have the lead in Europe and that we will be an exemplar to  follow up by the others – said President Jarczewski while launching the peak.

“Polish chemical industry against a background of an European economy” was the strategic debate during the first summit day. Representatives of the top Polish chemical industry companies raised important for the economy issues concerning competitiveness and distribution of chemical products as well as new technologies used in production process.

Recently I have been entrusted the position of IFA Technical & SHE Committee. It is the best example of how great trust Europe has for Polish fertilizers production. – said the President Jarczewski one of the panelists.

During the second day of the peak there were six thematic sessions and a strategic debate with foreign chemical industry representatives participation. Adam Leszkiewicz – President of the Azoty Group Kędzierzyn Board took part in a strategic debate “European chemical industry against a background of a global economy”. Olgierd Dziekoński – Secretary of State in the Polish President Cabinet was a special guest of the above debate. Ph. D. Eng Zenon Pokojski was a moderator of Polish chemical industry innovation session.

Innovation of Polish chemical industry is the key issue of many congresses and conferences.  It was also the leading subject of this year European Economic Congress in Katowice. – There are many regulations supporting expenditures for innovation. There are new scientific parks, advisory and competence centers as well as research institutes raised. – said Ph. D. Eng. Zenon Pokojski and adds – Cooperation of business and science is becoming more noticeable and effective.

“Polish Chemical Industry” Summit is a leading platform of experience exchange as well as place to show ideas and strategy for Polish chemical industry. Success of the last year’s, the first edition of the summit showed how important for Polish chemical industry was to create a platform enabling discussions about technologies used, investment processes conducting and an influence of economic and legal environment on chemical industry.