The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Experts of the PUŁAWY Competence Center about relations of science, business and agriculture

To what extent success of the Polish agriculture is the success of science? Is agriculture nowadays already a business which requires broad competences in management and in what direction should research be taken so that the Polish agri-food sector could compete on the national and international market more effectively? Those questions were answered by representatives of the PUŁAWY Competence Center during an authorial open debate during the IIIrd Congress of Agricultural Sciences in Warsaw.
– Agriculture is an fundamental sector of the Polish economy and it is our country’s future. That is why its efficiency should be improved by using innovative science, financial and business activities. Educating agricultural entrepreneurs in the scope of farm management and creating favorable conditions for development is nowadays our common challenge. Challenge for science, business and farmers themselves – said Prof. Janusz Igras Ph.D., Eng. who together with Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., Prof. Jan Łabętowicz Ph.D. and Wojciech Nalazek represented the PUŁAWY Competence Center during the debate titled ‘Relations science – business – agriculture. New challenges in the context of creating Common Agricultural Policy’.

As Zenon Pokojski Ph.D. stressed – Four years ago we have created the Competence Center because we recognized that this is the right moment in which we should join the efforts of agriculture, business and science. Young entrepreneurs notice in agriculture an interesting perspective of a professional future and this is very optimistic. From the point of view of the producer it is that his value is not created at the level of installations. The value is created at the level of the final customer and that is the reason why he should get the highest quality product and knowledge concerning its usage. Hence established together with Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW postgraduate studies for agricultural entrepreneurs, hence scientific research in the field of fertilization and many other activities undertaken by the Competence Centre.

Representatives of agricultural sector itself but also from the related sectors of science and business were invited to participate in the debate organized by the PUŁAWY Competence Center. Panelists pointed out the growing need for education of agricultural entrepreneurs, necessity for promotion of a modern entrepreneur model and stated that the subject will be continued during subsequent brand events.