The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Poland as a European center of food production

– Poland, like any other country, has features to become an European center for food production and processing. To fully use its potential there should be actions taken, actions which will build a competitive advantage, not only in Europe but also at emerging markets – this is, according to authors of the report “Poland as an attractive producer and food supplier”, key challenge for Polish agriculture for the coming years. The latest publication of PUŁAWY Competence Center has been issued under honorary patronage of the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of European Parliament and Fertilizers Europe.

The aim of the report, presented for the first time on Wednesday, 7th October in Lublin is to provoke discussion on the model of development of Polish agricultural business. Its authors stress that agriculture and food industry form a key sector for the economy which will boost development of Poland in the coming years.

– After Poland accessed to the European Union Polish agriculture has passed a huge transformation process. It has become the engine of the domestic export. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, value of Polish food products export has been growing steadily and at the end of 2015 it will reach 25 billion euro at least. We are the leaders in this field and an example of how to use subsidies for agricultural production in the best way – said during the presentation Prof. Janusz Igras, Ph.D., Eng., the Scientific Director in the New Chemical Syntheses Institute and scientific editor of the report.

The authors also analyzed possibilities of financing agricultural entrepreneurs, which is one of the most important elements of stable production and farms development nowadays. Domestic products due to their high quality and low price has been increasingly popular among foreign customers. That is why the stable increase of export value and its positive balance should encourage entrepreneurs to intensify actions promoting Polish brands – this is an another issue mentioned in the material. The essence of the brand marketing and presence on new markets were explained by Zenon Pokojski Ph. D., PUŁAWY Competence Center coordinator and coauthor of the report.

– Right now, when we export much and well, we must work harder on our brands, which will ensure us safety in the future. In the interest of Polish economy is to have companies reaching new markets, even those geographically distant, with their agri – food products. This is the real challenge for the future – said Zenon Pokojski Ph. D.

There were sociological research conducted among agricultural entrepreneurs for the report needs. It showed that agricultural entrepreneurs want to educate themselves in managing their farms and products. Most of them are young entrepreneurs who treat agriculture as business and which see it as an opportunity for professional success. Research conducted by the Institute of Market and Social Research shows that Polish agricultural entrepreneurs are aware of their products high quality, which is, according to the report’s authors, very optimistic forecast for the future.