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Puławy Competence Center as partner of 11th Rapeseed and Protein Crops Manufacturers Forum

On Friday 22 January 2016, during the POLAGRA-PREMIERY Fair in Poznań, there took place the 11th Rapeseed and Protein Crops Manufacturers Forum which was entitled “Biofuel sector and the prospects for rapeseed cultivation in Poland”. The central theme of the meeting were the issues connected with the sector of transport biofuels within the context of agricultural production for biofuel components, with special attention paid to rapeseed cultivation in Poland.
The forum attracted many very fine guests and experts. The event was officially opened by Deputy Minster of Agriculture and Rural Development Jacek Bogucki and the president of Polish Association of Rapeseed and Protein Plants Producers Juliusz Młodecki. For some time now farmers and biofuel producers have been asking themselves the question of what the future of rapeseed use for biodiesel production will look like. This question was partially answered by Jarosław Wiśniewski from the Renewable Energy Sources Office in the Department of Land Management in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Production of fuel from petroleum sources is definitely cheaper than biofuel production. However, biofuel production results in national economy stimulation, workplaces creation and agriculture development. These advantages are arguments for supporting the branch of biofuel production,” he said. This is the direction the government is heading in while working on new regulations which are to implement the provisions of the new 2015/1513 directive. It is also important to protect the biofuel market from excessive use of the so called second generation materials, that is waste materials, such as waste oil, especially waste palm oil. This is crucial for rapeseed production, which occupies the area of approximately 830 000 ha. “Almost 60% of the national rapeseed production is used in production of biofuels. This means 2 mln tonnes of rape seeds. This amount of rapeseed must be used and therefore we are creating a unique on European scale coalition of farmers and biodiesel producers, whose aim is to protect their interests and to lobby for rapeseed use in energy production,” said Juliusz Młodecki, the president of Polish Association of Rapeseed and Protein Plants Producers.

However, there apperar other threats to biodiesel production in Europe. One of them is the low price of oil, but that isn not a new problem. “Oil prices and biodiesel production are linked – even if oil was very expensive, and its price reached more that $100 a barrel, biodiesel would still remain uneconomical if it was not subsidized,” said Adam Stępień from National Chamber of Biofuels.

At the end of the meeting participants drew conclusions and made suggestion which will be delivered to the country leaders.

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