The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

The first meeting of Puławy Competence Center consortium members in 2016

Discussion over and summary of the Competence Center activities in 2015, report on Puławy Competence Center representatives’ visit at Texas A&M Agrilife University and presentation of the development concept for the Center in the next three years – those were the main points on the agenda of this year’s first meeting of Puławy Competence Center consortium.
On Friday, 4 March2016, in the Science and Technology Park in Puławy there took place a meeting attended by consortuim members and cooperating experts. The meeting, which lasted several hours, was one of the periodic meetings of consortium members. It began with presentations following the talks at last year’s conference “Science – Business – Agriculture”. The first subject discussed was the implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Poland and after that the participants went on to talk about the accreditation of field testing in Poland, including verification of fertilization guidelines.

The next part of the session was devoted to the key projects of last year, such as the report “Poland – an attractive food producer and provider”, the jubilee Fifth Conference “Science – Business – Agriculture”, which attracted a great number of participants, the RMS demonstration project and the postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors, whose fourth edition is about to start. Moreover, new ideas for development and modernisation of the Competence Center website apperared in this part of the meeting.

A very important point at this meeting was the report on the visit paid by Competence Center representatives at Texas A&M Agrilife University, which might become the beginning of successful cooperation. This possibility and other projects aimed at fast development of Puławy Competence Center within the next three years were later discussed by the managemet of the Center.

The meeting of consortium members was concluded with speeches on activities by Polish Association of Rapeseed and Protein Plants Producers and a discussion about the diagnosis of Polish agriculture made by Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture.