The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors – the next edition has started

On Saturday, April the 16th, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology of Warsaw University of Life Sciences thirty-eight students completed the third edition of postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors entitled “The marketing of fertilizers and plant protection products in the sustainable agriculture system”. In March there started the fourth edition, for which thirty students qualified. The course is organized by Warsaw University of Life Sciences in cooperation with Puławy Competence Center as part of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY.

The idea came into life four years ago and it now constitutes a highly significant part of Puławy Competence Center’s activities aimed at transferring knowledge to agricultural producers. The main goal of the studies is to educate specialists in the latest technologies and integrated production, who will soon advise farmers on, among other things, the use of fertilizers and plant protection products. It is necessary because modern agriculture is more and more demanding and determined by constant technological development. Moreover, the effective management of agricultural production requires more and more complex and specialist knowledge.

As the organizers of the course from both Puławy Competence Center and Warsaw University of Life Sciences emphasise, agricultural advising has always been a vital part of their activity. The content of the course includes many practical exercises and field trips, which are fundamental according to the lecturers. The content of the fourth edition has been enriched with classes on fertilizers production and on how to put them on the market. There will also be a training on field crop production.

During the studies, the students will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas:
•    agricultural production complying with the latest trends in fertilization and plant protection,
•    practical skills of how to determine fertilization needs,
•    current methods for communication with producers,
•    advising on how to choose fertilizers and plant protection products,
•    use of the information technology in choosing fertilizers and pesticides,
•    implementing fertilization plans,
•    calculating the profitability of fertilizers application.

At the end of the course, students receive a diploma confirming that they have successfully completed postgraduate studies at Warsaw University of Life Sciences and certificates of qualifications for advising on plant protection products and application of these products with ground equipment.

The postgraduate studies is not the only way in which Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY promotes extensive knowledge useful in agriculture. Last year, in cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, it introduced a national programme of free soil tests which are to measure the level of nutrient content in the soil. The programme is called “Knowledge is the base”. At the beginnig of the year 2016 the second edition of the programme started.