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13th International Symposium “Microelements in agriculture and environment” is over

Over a hundred participants, two days of debate, presentations, discussion and exchange of knowledge about microelements – that was what happened at the international symposium organised by the Department of Plant Nutrition of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Puławy Competence Center was a parntner of the meeting, which took place in Kudowa Zdrój (Lower Silesia region) from 21st to 24th June 2016. The President of the Organizing Committee was professor Zofia Spiak, who is a member of the Scientific Council of Puławy Competence Center. The participants discussed many subjects and scientific research – mainly those connected with microelements essential for plants, animals and humans. The issues discussed were, for instance:
• Microelements in plant production (arable land, grassland, horticultural production, forestry).
• Diagnosing the shortages, needs and technology for microelement fertilization and microelement fertilizers.
• The physiological role of microelements in organisms as well as in plant, animal and human nutrition.
• The excess and toxicity of microelements in the environment.

The symposium has been organized every four years since 1966. It is the only symposium in Poland and in Europe which deals with the subject of microelements in broader agriculture. It’s participants are scientists, mostly those working for life science universities, research institutes, agrochemical stations or companies producing fertilizers.