The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

200 years of Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Puławy Competence Center, supporting activities done by the members of its consortium, would like to inform about the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Warsaw University of Life Sciences which will take place from 19th to 22nd May 2016. Grupa Azoty is one of the partners in organizing the event.

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The International Rapeseed Day – EURORZEPAK 2016

na ckp2

On Tuesday, 2nd June 2016, in Minkowo (Kujawsko-Pomorskie region) there will  take place an event co-organized by Polish Association of Rapeseed and Protein Plants Producers, which is a member of Puławy Competence Center consortium.

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Postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors – the next edition has started


On Saturday, April the 16th, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology of Warsaw University of Life Sciences thirty-eight students completed the third edition of postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors entitled “The marketing of fertilizers and plant protection products in the sustainable agriculture system”. In March there started the fourth edition, for which thirty students qualified. The course is organized by Warsaw University of Life Sciences in cooperation with Puławy Competence Center as part of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY.

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PUŁAWY Competence Center in the Report “Responsible Business in Poland 2015. Good Practices”


According to the Report “Responsible Business in Poland 2015. Good Practices”, PUŁAWY Competence Center is a long-term CSR good practice. The report, which has been published by the Responsible Business Forum since 2002, is the largest review of the activities done by Polish companies which are responsible for their influence on society, environment and economy, as well as a summary of the most important issues connected with responsible business in Poland in a given year.

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Puławy Competence Center – the winner of Czesław Siekierski special award at AGROTECH fair in Kielce


“It is said that there is still a lot we can do to improve the cooperation between science and business. However, even the best cooperation in this area will not bring the expected results unless we remember about our customers. A company is worth as much as the value of its clients. Consequently, we need to know them and we need to manage this value well. That is why we have created Puławy Competence Center, whose consortium includes not only big companies and academic communities but also associations representing customers. In the beginning, Puławy Competence Center was a kind of platform for exchanging experience, ideas and expectations. Nowadays, we are running innovative research projects and postgraduate studies and organizing conferences. I’m hoping for great effects of this cooperation,” said Doctor Zenon Pokojski, coordinator in Puławy Competence Center, after receiving the special award in the category of Innovation at the AGROTECH fair.

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Puławy Competence Center as partner of XXIII Welconomy Forum in Toruń


Two days of debate, dialogue, realistic declarations and finest guests connected with business, science and politics – this could be a short description of Welconomy Forum, one of the biggest economic meetings in Poland, which took place in Toruń from 7 to 8 March 2016. This year’s edition focused on innovation in economy and science as well as on cooperation between the two branches. A special guest and the chairperson of the first plenary session was Professor Jerzy Buzek.

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The first meeting of Puławy Competence Center consortium members in 2016


Discussion over and summary of the Competence Center activities in 2015, report on Puławy Competence Center representatives’ visit at Texas A&M Agrilife University and presentation of the development concept for the Center in the next three years – those were the main points on the agenda of this year’s first meeting of Puławy Competence Center consortium.

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On Precision Agriculture – a conference in Kamień Śląski


Leading entrepreneurs, representatives of companies connected with agriculture and experts met during the conference “Precision agriculture in Poland – today and tomorrow”, the programme of which was filled with information on technological novelties in agriculture, and which took place from 29 February to 1 March 2016 in Culture and Science Centre of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Opole in Kamień Śląski. Puławy Competence Center was represented by Professor Janusz Igras and Doctor Zenon Pokojski. The annual conference is organized by Agrocom Polska which this year cooperated with two other companies – Class Polska and 365 FarmNet.

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Experts discuss modern technologies for cereal growing


From 17 to 18 February 2016 in Gozd (a town in Mazovia province) there took place a training entitled “Modern technologies for cereal growing taking account of integrated pest management” which was a part of the Programme Promoting Cereal Grains and Products Processed from Cereals.

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Puławy Competence Center as partner of 11th Rapeseed and Protein Crops Manufacturers Forum


On Friday 22 January 2016, during the POLAGRA-PREMIERY Fair in Poznań, there took place the 11th Rapeseed and Protein Crops Manufacturers Forum which was entitled “Biofuel sector and the prospects for rapeseed cultivation in Poland”. The central theme of the meeting were the issues connected with the sector of transport biofuels within the context of agricultural production for biofuel components, with special attention paid to rapeseed cultivation in Poland.

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Experts about increasing efficiency of rape cultivation


On Friday, 15th January a scientific conference was held in Białystok. During the conference experts and manufacturers discussed about increasing efficiency of using fertilizers in rape cultivation. Among others, subjects as fertilizing rape and an integrated protection of agro-technical activities in rape cultivation were discussed.

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“Knowledge is Essential”


Six months ago under this slogan the Azoty Group in cooperation with the PKO Bank Polski started a national program of free soil research concerning the abundance of nutrients. In the scope of a three-year action the company aims at reaching almost 2 thousand farms all over the country and collecting 28 thousand samples in 17 District Chemical-Agricultural Stations. Besides the Puławy Competence Center, it is our another initiative that creates the base of knowledge and has its support in science. – said Paweł Jarczewski, President of the Azoty Group Management.

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PUŁAWY Competence Center in Yearbook 2015


In response to an appeal of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the local red United Nations Compact in Poland publishes the Yearbook Report 2015. More than 120 of Polish companies and institutions that have an influence on various fields of economy and social life show in what manner their activities contribute to the realization of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Start of enrolment for the IVth edition of postgraduate studies for agricultural advisors


Competitiveness, modernity, sustainable and conscious production as well as direction towards pioneer solutions in fertilizing techniques – that is how Polish agriculture looks like nowadays and that is how it may be given as a role model for other countries. Development of the Polish agriculture influences also  the choice of specialists in the scope of agricultural  advisory. The PUŁAWY Competence Centre has just started an enrolment for the fourth edition of postgraduate studies titled “Tornover of fertilizers and plant protection measures in the sustainable agriculture system”.

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Two-day workshops on building marketing strategy for students of postgraduate studies


What is a marketing strategy in practice and how to build it? What are the new challenges related to the change of market reality? How to manage profitable consumer relations and what are the new trends in sale? Answers to these and many other questions were given during two-day workshops conducted by the ICAN Institute, the editor of a prestigious month periodical Harvard Business Review Polska.

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Baltic for All

baltic for all

The PUŁAWY Competence Center has become a partner of the Baltic Programme for the years 2015-2020 realised in the scope of the Initiative of the Secretary General UN Global Compact in Poland  and a co-author of the report ‘Baltic for All’ which was inaugurated on 2nd October 2015 during the European Forum of New Ideas in Sopot. The PUŁAWY Competence Center realises initiatives of the UN system for the effective management of ecosystem and sea resources, analysis of eutrophication sources as well as restoration of a good ecological condition of the Baltic Sea.

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A man who changes business

dr Pokojski

Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the coordinator and initiator of the PUŁAWY Competence Center was the winner of the first edition of a Polish prize “People who change business” which is the only one that concerns people and not companies contributing to the development of a responsible business in Poland. Its organizer is the Responsible Business Forum and the honorary patronage was taken by the President of the Polish Republic Andrzej Duda.

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Prof. Janusz Igras Ph.D., Eng. and Zenon Pokojski Ph.D. in the programme of TVP1 – “Tydzień”

C-15-1067-0305   foto.Sławomir Kłak

Polish agriculture, including the agri-food sector, develops very quickly. Nevertheless, in order to keep up with the top European countries we need innovation and intensive cooperation between science and practice. Among others, these were the issues discussed by the experts in “Tydzień” – programme of TVP1. The report “Poland an attractive producer and supplier of food” was an inspiration for that discussion. This is already the second publication issued by the PUŁAWY Competence Center.

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Agri-food sector a growth engine for the Polish export

Zdjęcie 6

Presentation of the report titled ‘Poland an attractive producer and supplier of food’, directions of education in the agri-food sector and the issues related to the Nitrates Directive – these are the most important points of the 5th “Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference which ended in Puławy.

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Poland as a European center of food production


– Poland, like any other country, has features to become an European center for food production and processing. To fully use its potential there should be actions taken, actions which will build a competitive advantage, not only in Europe but also at emerging markets – this is, according to authors of the report “Poland as an attractive producer and food supplier”, key challenge for Polish agriculture for the coming years. The latest publication of PUŁAWY Competence Center has been issued under honorary patronage of the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of European Parliament and Fertilizers Europe.

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The fifth „Science – Business – Agriculture” Conference


On Thursday 15th October there will be the fifth jubilee “Science – Business – Agriculture” Conference held. The Conference is organized by the PUŁAWY Competence Center. It is a cyclical form of a dialogue where key representatives of science, business, industry and agriculture entrepreneurs meet. The honorary patronage over the event was taken by: the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of European Parliament, Fertilizers Europe, bringing together European fertilizers producers, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The media patronage were taken by: the Polish Television, Polish Radio and Kurier Lubelski. The Conference, as previously, will be held in Puławy Science – Technology Park at Mościckiego 1 Street.

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Puławy Competence Center celebrates its anniversary!


It has been five years since beginning of the annual cycle of the “Science – Business – Agricultrure” conferences. This is the time of highly development of PUŁAWY Competence Center activities. Gaining many new consortium members and implementing a number of new projects strengthened Center’s position among leading institutions linking potential of science and business.

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Experts of the PUŁAWY Competence Center about relations of science, business and agriculture


To what extent success of the Polish agriculture is the success of science? Is agriculture nowadays already a business which requires broad competences in management and in what direction should research be taken so that the Polish agri-food sector could compete on the national and international market more effectively? Those questions were answered by representatives of the PUŁAWY Competence Center during an authorial open debate during the IIIrd Congress of Agricultural Sciences in Warsaw.

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The first semester of the third edition of the postgraduate studies completed

20150704_180857 (1)

On Saturday the 4th July 2015 at the Experimental Station of Faculty of Agriculture and Biology of Warsaw Agricultural University in Skierniewice the first semester of the third edition of the postgraduate studies for agricultural consultants “Trading in fertilizers and crop protection chemicals in sustainable agriculture” was completed.

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25th anniversary of Osadkowski company


If we trace the last 25 years of Polish agriculture it will be clearly noticed that it has changed enormously. The agricultural sector is currently responsible for more than 13% of Polish export. It now exceeds 20 milliard EUR, comparing to 4 milliard reached in 2004 and it is still increasing.

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Meeting on Demonstrative Rapeseed Fields

XIII Pola Demonstracyjne 2015-122

On 11 – 12th June there was the thirteenth meeting on Demonstrative Rapeseed Fields in Plebania Wola and Wiszniów celebrated. The meeting participated by representatives of Puławy Competence Center was organized both by the National Association of Rapeseed and Protein Crops producers and the TeamAgro Kuczyńska company.

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Representatives of Azoty Group at field workshops in Bałcyny

DSCF1092 (1)

Defining the agricultural and economic efficiency of spring fertilizing, comparing the effectiveness of liquid fertilizers to conventional ones, but first of all becoming acquainted with the existing effects of conducted experiments – these were the points of the field workshops in Bałcyny. The workshops were organized for regional representatives of Azoty Group (REP), trade and marketing representatives of Azoty Group Puławy and Agrochem Dobre Miasto.

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New members of Puławy Competence Center Consortium


Accession of INTERMAG Ltd. and PCC ADOB Ltd. to the Consortium, discussions about opportunities and perspectives of agricultural sector development and presentation of current issues and future projects of Puławy Competence Center for 2015 were the main points of the second this year’s meeting of the Consortium and Scientific Council of Puławy Competence Center.

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