The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Postgraduate studies

„Fertiliser and plant protection products marketing in the sustainable agriculture system”

Modern economy conditioned by technological progress requires a comprehensive service. Proper utilization of the results of agricultural progress requires increasing expertise conditioning its effective use, taking into account both economic growth of crops as well as ensuring appropriate agricultural product quality and safety of the environment.

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„A low cost and environmentally safe system of corn fertilisation and sowing”

The project aims to develop an innovative technique of sowing and fertilising maize, elaborate fertiliser formula specially designed for the cultivation of maize ad well as equipment for simultaneous sowing of seeds and fertiliser.

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UAN Demonstrative Project

“Defining agricultural and economic efficiency of spring fertilizing of winter rape, winter wheat and corn with urea ammonium nitrate solution containing macro components (P, Mg, S)”

The research aim of the project is to evaluate the influence of fertilizing liquid fertilizers relating to solid fertilizers by comparing the yields, quality parameters as well as the efficiency and economics of fertilizing above plants and fertilizers.

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„The evaluation of a new fertilizer USP in comparison to CSP fertilizer in vegetation studies”

The aim of the project is to evaluate agricultural utility of the new two component USP fertilizer, obtained from urea pulp, sulphuric acid and phosphate.

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