The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.

Postgraduate studies

„Fertiliser and plant protection products marketing in the sustainable agriculture system”

Modern economy conditioned by technological progress requires a comprehensive service. Proper utilization of the results of agricultural progress requires increasing expertise conditioning its effective use, taking into account both economic growth of crops as well as ensuring appropriate agricultural product quality and safety of the environment.

Meeting the expectations of the agricultural market participants, an initiative of launching Postgraduate Studies for agricultural advisers for the first time in Poland has been undertaken.

The project is aimed to educate professionals in the field of latest technologies within integrated crop production and trends in agricultural markets. As a result, increasing economic efficiency and increase of agricultural farms competitiveness; knowledge and technology transfer to farmersengaged in growing plants.

Students will gain additional knowledge and skills in the field of integrated agricultural production taking into account the latest trends in fertilisation and plant protection in commodity agricultural or horticultural farms. Students will receive in-depth knowledge of modern fertilisers, plant protection products as well as enhance the practical ability to identify the plants fertilisation requirements, pesticides usage appropriateness.

Participants will master modern methods of communication with manufacturers and advising in the area of selection of fertilisers or plant protection products used. After graduation, they will use IT tools in the area of fertilisers and pesticides choice, and will be able to perform the fertilisation plan as well as to calculate the cost-effectiveness of the fertilisers and various producers mixtures usage. During the studies, the students will complete training program on integrated crop production and on advisory concerning plant protection products.

After graduation, participants will obtain:

  • Postgraduate diploma of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences,
  • Certificate authorizing to provide advice on the use of plant protection products
  • Certificate authorizing to apply plant protection products using spreaders

Organizator: Faculty of Agriculture and Biology, SGGW – WULS


  • Academic year 2015/2016 (spring semester) and academic year 2016/2017 (fall semester),
  • II semesters, 220 hours

Programme modules:

  • Integrated crop production
  • Advisory services on plant protection
  • Advisory services on plant fertilisation
  • Agricultural economics and marketing
  • Practical training in the field of fertilisation

Staff members/Lecturers:

  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences academics,
  • Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute in Puławy scientific staff,
  • Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice scientific staff,
  • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” S.A. staff,
  • National Chemical-Agricultural Station in Warsaw staf.
  • Scientists from the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute in Poznań

Detailed information can be found on the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology, WULS webpage

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