The mission of the PUŁAWY Competence Center is to provide additional benefits to the agricultural market participants.


  1. Statute
  2. Consortium objectives and methods of implementation
  3. Members, their rights and responsibilities
  4. Consortium bodies
  5. Consortium General Meeting
  6. Consortium Coordinator
  7. Scientific Council
  8. Consortium Office
  9. Provisions common to the bodies of the Consortium
  10. Final provisions

I. General provisions

Section 1

  1. PUŁAWY Consortium Competence Center, hereafter referred to in the Statute as the “Consortium” operates under the Statute hereof, the adoption and accession of which is not a legal transaction but only a declaration of cooperation, with the stipulation of rights and obligations expressly provided in the Statute hereof.
  2. Consortium does not have a legal personality, it is an open organization, forms cooperation platform between business, science and agricultural entrepreneurs working on scientific research, development works, innovation and implementation in the field of agriculture and fertilization.
  3. Members of the Consortium may be research and development units, universities, entrepreneurs, business support institutions and other operators acting for the purposes specified in the Statute hereof.
  4. The Consortium operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland. If necessary for the proper implementation of its objectives, it may operate outside the Republic of Poland.